Chez Angela: Building a Cloud-Based Bakery

My wife and I are undertaking an enormous shift in our lives and entering the food service industry. My day job will continue to be consulting in the Azure, Cognitive Services and ASP.NET Core space, but I am also privileged to work side-by-side with my incredible wife as we build a bakery together.

Chez Angela - Building a Cloud-Based Bakery

My role in the bakery is largely on the technology side, and I’m building everything to do with our “bakery platform” on Azure and related technologies. My wife, of course, is the digital to analog converter. :)

This blog series will cover all the tech that I use and build on. In this post, I’m going
to layout the feature set for everything that I’ll be building along the way and what
technologies I intend (and actually) use to implement them.

This article is part of an ongoing series called Building a Cloud-Based Bakery.

Over the next several months, new blog entries based on the code that helps to build out the following features will be linked below. I hope you enjoy these entries as we build our cloud-based bakery, and that they help you in your coding efforts.

Features and Services Technologies Used Related Posts
Order Processing Azure Functions, Square Payments, Azure Service Bus
SMS/Facebook Messenger Bot LUIS, QnA Maker, Web API, Bot Framework
Automated Answers QandA Maker, Bot Framework
Web Site Features ASP.NET Core, Tag Helpers, Azure Web Apps
Suggesting Products LUIS, Document DB, Bot Framework
Answering Questions About Product Ingredients LUIS, EF, Azure SQL, Bot Framework
Communicating with Customers ASP.NET Core, SendGrid, Twilio, Azure Functions
Subscription Management .NET Core, SendGrid, EF, Square Payments
Product Reminders Bot Framework, EF, Azure Functions, Service Bus
Protecting Data SSL Certs, Azure Web Apps, Middleware
Identity and Profile ASP.NET Core, Bot Framework
Protecting Application Secrets User Secrets, Visual Studio, dotnet, Azure Web Apps

The code for much of the bakery will be freely available on GitHub, though some aspects of the code will be kept private to guard the logic that helps to set us apart. When I have the codebase ready, I’ll update this post to get the code out there!

Happy Coding!