No Type Was Specified for the Decimal Column

When you create an entity for a database context in Entity Framework that has a decimal column, you may run into problems with truncation happening silently to you behind the scenes. With a default precision of 18 digits and 2 decimal places you may lose some data and the framework/runtime won’t complain about it when you do.

You can fix that though data annotations or with an explicit wire-up in your database context. Let’s look at how that’s done.

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Removing Bower - The command "bower install" exited with code 1 When Publishing

I was cleaning up and updating the JS package management in a project that has shuffled along from ASP.NET Core 1.0 (and runs on .NET 4.6) and everything seemed to be going fine. And then I tried to publish.

Publish has encountered an error. Build failed. Check the Output window for more details.

Upon further examination, I noticed that there was a problem with an msbuild task, namely PrepublishScript.

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BakeBot Day 1: What a Bot Is (And What It Is Not)

One of the most important things in bot creation is understanding what a bot should actually be. The last thing we want to do is to over extend ourselves. Complexity is always the enemy when we’re working on software, and bots have a very real human component in their routing operation that makes things complex enough on their own without us adding in any extra.

BakeBot at Chez Angela

Before we dive into building a bot, let’s start by getting on the same page of understanding and filling in some background details. If nothing else, this will give you visibility into why I’ve approached things the way I have.

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BakeBot - A Bot for our Bakery Built with the Microsoft Bot Framework

As our small business grew we increasingly found that customers had the same types of questions over and over again. To help our bakery grow while staying engaged with social media (and to avoid significant labor costs in repetitive actions) we built a “bakery bot” or BakeBot.

In this blog series we’ll walk through the concepts, design and code required to build a bot using the Microsoft Bot Framework. We’ll leverage several Azure services to add value to the conversation with our customers by using data we’ve already got in our organization.

BakeBot at Chez Angela

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Chez Angela: Building a Cloud-Based Bakery

My wife and I are undertaking an enormous shift in our lives and entering the food service industry. My day job will continue to be consulting in the Azure, Cognitive Services and ASP.NET Core space, but I am also privileged to work side-by-side with my incredible wife as we build a bakery together.

Chez Angela - Building a Cloud-Based Bakery

My role in the bakery is largely on the technology side, and I’m building everything to do with our “bakery platform” on Azure and related technologies. My wife, of course, is the digital to analog converter. :)

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